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Calabar Printers was incorporated in Burnaby, BC on February 4, 1970 by the late Stanley John Kernaghan (1921-2001), AFC, DFM. As an RAF Fighter Pilot during World War II in North Africa, Mr. Kernaghan once had to make a forced landing in the Port City of Calabar in South Eastern Nigeria. This dramatic war-time experience was memorable to Mr. Kernaghan, which he honoured many years later in naming his 'print shop': Calabar Printers.

Calabar Printers began by providing exclusive printing for Mr. Kernaghan’s primary businesses, and then moved on to build a diverse client base over the next three decades. Calabar provided printing and office supplies to increasing numbers of customers who continued to return year after year - and some have been using our services for over 30 years! Since 1970 Calabar Printers has successfully ridden the wave of technological progress and increased competition within the printing industry.

Management Team

Today, Calabar Printers is led by Jennifer Kernaghan Azizi. Since the passing of Mr. Kernaghan in 2001, Jennifer has been committed to preserving Calabar’s dedication to outstanding customer service and to expanding the scope of Calabar’s print services.

Ken Haley is the General Manager, and has worked with Calabar Printers since 1991. He manages the daily operations of the company, from running the presses to front line customer service. Ken provides both Calabar and our clients with valuable expertise and first rate interpersonal skills, both of which ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Pressman, Vince Donnelly, has been with Calabar Printers since 1995 and, along with Ken, has taken the Company forward by mastering each successive printing press that Calabar has acquired in order to serve our clients better.

The Management Team at Calabar Printers offers a combined experience of over 40 years in the printing industry.

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